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We offer domestic worker recruitment services via e-contract recruitment and online payment through Musaned domestic labor program, by approving employment, contract relationships and system regulations as stated by the Ministry of Human Resources and Social Development.

We always provide the most comprehensive services and the easiest experience to recruit domestic workers and to ensure that you get the best areas of excellence for the recruitment of domestic labor with a guarantee to provide a replacement for three months or contract insurance for a period of two years or Tanazul kafala and transfer of sponsorship for domestic labor.

Your Recruitment Start From Here
Pay Domestic Worker VISA Fees (SADAD)Pay visa fees via SADAD payment through any bank or ATM machine to issue your domestic worker visa
Issue Domestic Worker VISA Online (Musaned)Complete domestic worker information and issue your domestic worker visa online in Musaned website
Choose Domestic Worker Personal CV (Whatsapp)Search and find our recruitment office to choose your domestic worker personal cv
Pay Domestic Worker Recruitment Fees (Musaned)After completing recruiting process, pay your domestic worker recruitment fees in Musaned
Welcome Your Domestic Worker ArrivalFinally, we'll notify you about flight information to welcome your domestic worker arrival
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Musaned Domestic Labor Recruitment Offices

Recruitment References

Alakeel Recruitment Office


Ministry of Human Resources and Social Development

The Ministry of Labor and Social Development was established under the Royal Decree by merging the Ministries of Labor and Minister of Social Affairs. Since its inception, the Ministry has promoted the development of local communities and has taken care of community committees, provincial councils, centers, migration, youth and family care and cooperative societies.

The Ministry of Labor and Social Development has set its objectives by setting the general policy for social and labor affairs in the Kingdom within a framework inspired by the values, principles and systems of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. The planning and implementation of projects and contribution to the direction of social development in the Kingdom is a balanced directive aimed at raising the awareness of citizens, improving their standard of living and creating the elements of a decent life for them in the framework of preserving spiritual and moral values ​​and supporting them to build an integrated society.

Query of Expatriate Employee Query of Istiqdam

Musaned SA EN

Musaned Recruitment Program

Musaned is an online supported program by the Ministry of Labor and Social Development serving domestic employment through electronic visa, tawtheeq mechanism and addressing issues concerning domestic migrant work in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

Musaned, domestic labor program, offers many electronic services such as, e-recruitment services, recruitment documents, employment service stages, recruitment offices and companies, rights and obligations, complaints and committiees, and information center.

Apply For VISA VISA Inquiry


Ministry of Foreign Affairs

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs is the government department responsible for the country’s diplomacy and handling Saudi Arabia’s external relations. The ministry provides support for the country’s citizens who are abroad as well as overseeing political, cultural and financial international relations and monitoring the Kingdom’s diplomatic relations.

The ministry also offers many electronic services on procedural information that are of interest to Saudi citizens especially outside the Kingdom and foreigners wishing to come to the Kingdom as well as foreign residents in Saudi Arabia.

Visa Services Platform Visa Services Platform (Enjaz) Saudi Embassies


Ministry of Interior

The Ministry of the Interior is the responsible authority in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia for all Saudi regions, the conditions of the regions and the internal security of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, the protection of its borders with neighboring countries and the safety and service of Saudi citizens. It is the authority responsible for national security, naturalization, immigration and customs in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

Iqama Expiry Service Exit/Re-Entry Visa Status


Absher Program

Absher is the official individuals eServices of the Ministry of Interior portal in Kingdom of Saudi Arabia that provides electronic services to individual users of Saudi citizens and residents by registering a special account to be able to benefit from all the electronic services provided by the Saudi Ministry of Interior.

The user can browse all personal data as well as family members, resident, or labor data, and many electronic services are conducted with special consideration to security and privacy of user’s data and communication standards.

Passports SA

General Directorate of Passports

General Directorate of Passports is an attached sector of Ministry of the Interior, operating under the umbrella of public security in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, and providing many services to Saudi citizens and residents, as well as responsible to deal with the matters concerning issuance of the Saudi Passports, Visas, and residence permit for non-Saudi residents.

Foreign Procedures Muqeem VISA Validity


Taqat Program

Taqat is a program that provides a range of specialized services provided by the Human Resources Development Fund (HRDF) to support the recruitment of job seekers from Saudi Arabia. TAQAT services are focused on the job linkage between job seekers and private sector employees.

For job seekers through several channels such as the e-recruitment site and the training and employment centers in addition to providing the potential of training opportunities with the needs of the labor market through electronic training centers and employment sites.

Istiqdam Services


Vision 2030

Saudi Vision 2030 is Saudi Arabia’s post-oil plan to diversify its economy and develop public service sectors such as health, education, infrastructure, leisure and tourism.

The Kingdom Vision 2030 Goals include strengthening economic and investment activities, increasing trade in non-oil industries among countries through consumer goods and products, and increasing government spending on military, manufacturing equipment and ammunition.

Vision Realization Programs

  • Public Investment Fund Program
  • Housing Program
  • Doyof Al Rahman Program
  • Fiscal Sustainability Program
  • Human Capability Development Program
  • Quality of Life Program
  • National Transformation Program
  • Privatization Program
  • Health Sector Transformation Program
  • Financial Sector Development Program
  • National Industrial Development and Logistics Program

Saudi Vision 2030

Recruitment References

Alakeel Recruitment Office

Alakeel Recruitment Office

Alakeel Recruitment Office
8442 Uthman Ibn Affan Rd, An Nuzhah,
Riyadh 12474, Saudi Arabia


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Saturday – Thursday: 9 am – 9 pm

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