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We offer domestic worker recruitment services via e-contract recruitment and online payment through Musaned domestic labor program, by approving employment, contract relationships and system regulations as stated by the Ministry of Human Resources and Social Development.

We always provide the most comprehensive services and the easiest experience to recruit domestic workers and to ensure that you get the best areas of excellence for the recruitment of domestic labor with a guarantee to provide a replacement for three months or contract insurance for a period of two years or Tanazul kafala and transfer of sponsorship for domestic labor.

Your Recruitment Start From Here
Pay Domestic Worker VISA Fees (SADAD)Pay visa fees via SADAD payment through any bank or ATM machine to issue your domestic worker visa
Issue Domestic Worker VISA Online (Musaned)Complete domestic worker information and issue your domestic worker visa online in Musaned website
Choose Domestic Worker Personal CV (Whatsapp)Search and find our recruitment office to choose your domestic worker personal cv
Pay Domestic Worker Recruitment Fees (Musaned)After completing recruiting process, pay your domestic worker recruitment fees in Musaned
Welcome Your Domestic Worker ArrivalFinally, we'll notify you about flight information to welcome your domestic worker arrival
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Musaned Domestic Labor Recruitment Offices


Domestic Labor Program

Ministry of Labor and Social Development launched the official website of Household services and home employment program “Musaned” in 2014. It aims at introducing the rights and duties of the worker, the employer, procedures and mechanisms under one umbrella through coordination between the domestic labor service providers of recruitment offices and companies in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, to request domestic workers or household employment within the list of allowed recruitment countries in various fields of employment.

Musaned Platform
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Musaned, a supporting program, through electronic services and windows such as the issuance of electronic recruitment visas and other forms. It provides an ideal working environment for improving the recruitment sector in the Kingdom and abroad. Also, to developing the service of recruiting domestic workers for Saudi families into solving any complaints and disputes of recruitment in Saudi Arabia, and to protect the rights of all parties involved in recruitment.

Musaned Journey

Easier Recruitment Journey

Musaned, the domestic labor program, allows employers to submit recruitment preferences for age, religion, and previous work experience to the recruitment agency of their choice. In response, agencies provide customers with up to five CVs of domestic workers to choose from. Once a decision is made, the employer can proceed with paying recruitment fees and signing an e-contract with the recruitment agency. This e-contract is distinct from the contract between the employer and the domestic worker, which is often signed in the origin country between the Saudi agency (on behalf of the employer) and the domestic worker before she or he arrives in the Kingdom.

Musaned Journey Recruitment Type

Based on The Type of Recruitment

Musaned Journey Recruitment Occupation

Based on The Recruitment Occupation

Musaned Journey Recruitment Nationality

Based on The Recruitment Nationality

Musaned Processes

Easier Recruitment Processes
Musaned Recruitment Process 1

Choose Recruitment Type

Select your preferred type of recruitment, either recruit based on specified preferences or recruit a previously known worker
Musaned Recruitment Process 2

Choose Service Provider

Select from +1400 service provider from all over KSA, you can choose based on the office rating, requests response rate, and location
Musaned Recruitment Process 3

Receive Recruitment Offers

Receive recruitment request offers from service providers, including worker salary & multiple CVs to prioritize according to preference
Musaned Recruitment Process 4

Make Recruitment Payment

Submit payment securely through Musaned after initiating the contract, you can choose from multiple payment channels: VISA, Mastercard, MADA
Musaned Recruitment Process 5

Track Recruitment Request

You can track your request journey easily from your account in Musaned, from initiating the request till the worker arrival to KSA

Musaned Fees

Easier Recruitment Payment Channels

Service Fees

Musaned platform provides convenient methods for payment, as the recruitment cost is paid only once with the contract issuance.

Payment Channels

Online contracting through Musaned Platform provides multiple secure payment methods, the user can choose what is suitable and convenient among Mada, Visa, or Mastercard.

مساند قنوات الدفع مدى
مساند قنوات الدفع فيزا
مساند قنوات الدفع ماستركارد

Musaned Mobile App
Musaned App Store Apple iPhone iOS
Musaned App Store Google Play Android

Musaned mobile application is a Ministry of Labour supported app in Saudi Arabia to serve the domestic employment through which you can request a recruitment VISA or easily track the status of the VISAs that have been pre-ordered, you can also use the worker Tawtheeq mechanism.

Musaned App Login
Musaned App Menu
Musaned App VISA

Musaned Integrations

Easier Recruitment Integrations

Services Parties

Musaned website provides an integrated platform that connects all parties within one portal, allowing service providers to provide their services to individuals in a controllable, safe, and convenient platform.

Musaned Recruitment Offices

Recruitment Offices

Musaned website is an integrated platform that links service providers with beneficiaries, allowing offices to post services, accept requests, and solve complaints. Working with Saudi companies and agencies besides international embassies to help facilitate approval information to the foreign recruitment agency abroad to begin training processes and prepare the worker for arrival.
Musaned Recruitment Individuals


Musaned website is an integrated platform that provides the individual employer in Saudi Arabia with domestic labor recruitment and related services such as visa issuing, sending recruitment requests, viewing offices offer, submitting payment to issue the contract, tracking recruitment requests, raise and track contract complaints, and request domestic worker transfers.

Musaned Services

Easier Recruitment Services

Musaned services allows customers to review a list of local recruitment offices and companies that are licensed in the labor market, as well as labor-exporting countries that signed bilateral agreements with the Kingdom, which is affiliated to the Ministry of Labor and Social Development.

Musaned Platform eTawtheeq


Musaned Platform Offices


Musaned Platform Leasing


Musaned Account

Login to start your Istiqdam Journey!

Musaned Login

Musaned Signup

Musaned platform is one of the initiatives of the Ministry of Human Resources and Social Development, a comprehensive electronic platform to experience the recruitment of domestic workers in an integrated manner, aiming to facilitate procedures for the recruitment of domestic workers and increase the level of preservation rights of all parties by informing employers and domestic workers of their rights and duties.

Musaned Twitter

Official Account Of Musaned In Twitter

Musaned Support

Customer Support

Musaned Phone

Musaned Email

Musaned Twitter

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Recruitment References

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Alakeel Recruitment Office

Alakeel Recruitment Office
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