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We offer domestic worker recruitment services via e-contract recruitment and online payment through Musaned domestic labor program, by approving employment, contract relationships and system regulations as stated by the Ministry of Human Resources and Social Development.

We always provide the most comprehensive services and the easiest experience to recruit domestic workers and to ensure that you get the best areas of excellence for the recruitment of domestic labor with a guarantee to provide a replacement for three months or contract insurance for a period of two years or Tanazul kafala and transfer of sponsorship for domestic labor.

Your Recruitment Start From Here
Pay Domestic Worker VISA Fees (SADAD)Pay visa fees via SADAD payment through any bank or ATM machine to issue your domestic worker visa
Issue Domestic Worker VISA Online (Musaned)Complete domestic worker information and issue your domestic worker visa online in Musaned website
Choose Domestic Worker Personal CV (Whatsapp)Search and find our recruitment office to choose your domestic worker personal cv
Pay Domestic Worker Recruitment Fees (Musaned)After completing recruiting process, pay your domestic worker recruitment fees in Musaned
Welcome Your Domestic Worker ArrivalFinally, we'll notify you about flight information to welcome your domestic worker arrival
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Musaned Domestic Labor Recruitment Offices

Workers Arrival

Receiving and Recruiting for Domestic Workers
Our team always ensures the provision of fast and distinctive services in the recruitment of domestic workers trained in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. With continuous follow-up of the worker we contact our customers to inform them of the expected time of foreign workers arrival quickly and accurately, in coordination for the reception of the private driver or housemaid and the receipt of full documents for the introduction of domestic labor.

Guaranteed replacement in case of absenteeism or refusal to work

Our office adopt the latest methods and techniques to deal with customers and ensure high quality in our services provided at Alakeel Recruitment Office. We also provide all the tools to study the market to develop and provide high quality services and to communicate with customers before and after domestic workers arrival. We are fully committed to serving the various needs with high credibility and absolute transparency as we aspire to exceed our customers expectations and build a long term relationship with all customers to know all their employment needs and requirements.

Recruitment Services

Recruitment Office Services for Domestic Labor

Recruitment References

Alakeel Recruitment Office

Alakeel Recruitment Office

Alakeel Recruitment Office
8442 Uthman Ibn Affan Rd, An Nuzhah,
Riyadh 12474, Saudi Arabia


Opening Hours
Saturday – Thursday: 9 am – 9 pm

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Alakeel Recruitment Office

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