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We offer domestic worker recruitment services via e-contract recruitment and online payment through Musaned domestic labor program, by approving employment, contract relationships and system regulations as stated by the Ministry of Human Resources and Social Development.

We always provide the most comprehensive services and the easiest experience to recruit domestic workers and to ensure that you get the best areas of excellence for the recruitment of domestic labor with a guarantee to provide a replacement for three months or contract insurance for a period of two years or Tanazul kafala and transfer of sponsorship for domestic labor.

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Musaned Domestic Labor Recruitment Offices

Rules and Regulations for Recruitment VISA

First: Saudi family may hire a domestic worker or a private driver after the conditions and financial capacity are met.

Second: Approval of the recruitment of a domestic worker requires the presence of children or the presence of a second wife or the support of parents.

Third: Approval of another driver if the applicant has more than one wife and children in school or the daughters of unmarried female employees.

Fourth: Approval for every citizen who suffers from disability due to age, illness or disability, or a member of his family who is legally dependent, after presenting a recent medical report that proves his condition and need.

Fifth: Approve the recruitment of the profession of a break worker under the following conditions:

  • The area of ​​rest shall not be less than (1000 square meters) and owned by the applicant and registered with the competent governmental authority.
  • No more than one break factor, no matter how justified or how many person-owned breaks.
  • Availability of financial capacity.

Sixth: It is permissible to approve an alternative visa for the domestic worker or the special driver after issuing a final exit visa from the passport (stamping it on the passport of the driver or worker) and taking the undertaking on the employer to leave and provide proof of this within two months.

Seventh: Non-previous cases are referred to the recruitment committee of individuals in the Ministry of Labor to consider these cases according to their data.

Eighth: Financial capacity determines the following:

  • Initial recruitment status: 3500 riyals
  • Second recruitment case: 8000 SR
  • Third recruitment case: 12000 riyals
  • The fourth recruitment case: 15000 riyals
  • More than four cases are presented to the ministry’s personnel recruitment committee.

Ninth: The justification or document of financial capacity shall be as follows:

  • Government employee: A certificate from his employer specifying his monthly salary.
  • Private sector employee: A certificate from the social insurance specifying his monthly salary.
  • Who does not work in either the public or private sectors shall submit a new bank statement for a period of six months. The average monthly balance shall not be less than the list mentioned in item 8 as the case may be.

Tenth: The Director of Personnel Recruitment shall have the power to waive the claim to prove the financial ability in the cases he sees.

Recruitment Conditions For Women

Cases where women are allowed to bring in a domestic worker and what documents are required to be provided

First: Widow:

  1. Civil register for women.
  2. legitimate agency.
  3. Copy of the inheritance inventory document and proof of widowhood.
  4. Proof of income for her or one of her children with the undertaking to pay the expenses.
  5. A pledge not to have a previous file in the recruitment in the name of her husband.
  6. Scene certified by the mayor testimony of two witnesses not linked to marriage at the present time.

Second: Divorced:

  1. Civil register for women.
  2. legitimate agency.
  3. Proof of income (certificate from the employer).
  4. Copy of the divorce deed.
  5. Scene certified by the mayor testimony of two witnesses not linked to marriage at the present time.

Third: Married to non-Saudi:

  1. Civil register for women.
  2. legitimate agency.
  3. Proof of income for her or her husband.
  4. Copy of the husband’s residence.
  5. Copy of marriage contract.

Domestic Labor Occupations Available For Recruitment

Domestic Labor Occupations

* Attach official medical report for male or female house nurse
**Other including the following occupations (male or female nanny house -male or female physiotherapist – male or female private tutor – male or female reader specialist – male or female speech and communication specialist or any other similar jobs that a special needs person needs.

The Maximum Number of VISAs and Domestic Workers

Maximum Number of VISAs

Financial Capability Requirements

Financial Capability Requirements 1

Financial Capability Requirements 2

Financial Capability Requirements 3

Financial Capability Requirements for Special needs

Financial Capability Requirements Special Needs

Financial Capability Requirements for Special needs Non-Saudis

Financial Capability Requirements Special Needs For NonSaudis

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Call: 920006110

Recruitment References

Alakeel Recruitment Office

Alakeel Recruitment Office

Alakeel Recruitment Office
8442 Uthman Ibn Affan Rd, An Nuzhah,
Riyadh 12474, Saudi Arabia


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